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Wedding Videography Ideas

Every person looks forward to this day eagerly of their lives. It is your 1st day of a lasting marriage, a celebration of your everlasting bond. But does one live the day for then and forget it for the rest of their lives?

Of course you should not. If it the best day of your life, you would want to relive the magic again. And your wedding video is the best way to relive those moments again.  So when you go looking out for a DC videographer for your fairytale wedding, ensure you get the best for magical results.

Before you choose your DC wedding videographer, ensure you and your partner discuss your budget. Of course you would want the absolute best for your special day but understand this; the most expensive is not the best always. Before you zero down on your photographer ask him to show his previous work. If you like what you see, go ahead and book him but it would be wise to check a few others in the market rather than picking the first one you see.

Also discuss the tone of the video too before the wedding. Some people like sepia tones, some go for black and white while others stick to the normal color tone. Be specific about what and how you need because you would be keeping this for life. No point regretting later.

You also don’t want your wedding video to be just like the last wedding you attended or for that matter any wedding you attended. For the video to be unique and creative try discussing it with your videographer as he would be an expert in the field however also tell him the ideas that you have as a couple.

You can try an indie documentary or the story telling mode where the entire video has a an independent story which would feature the couple in the main lead and also would capture the conversations and reactions on the day. This could be a little costly than otherwise as requires a lot of editing time but then you can't keep a price for reliving your best moments.

This is the age of high definition and 3D, so you can add an extra touch of technology to your video by digitally manipulating the stills and adding an extra wow factor to them. You can also have wedding trailers which would be shot a few weeks before the wedding and have a voice over. This would also increase the uniqueness of the actual video. Also that would be a last account of your bachelor days so they would be cherished by you.

Another very popular video is thrash the dress. You are not going to wear it again and for sentiment value if you are not giving to away you might want to have some more fun with it by having the bride jump in a mud puddle and have friends to rip it off or you can have kids dirty it with mud.

The idea is to have fun and would make a very happy and fun video. Whatever you do remember to enjoy every moment as the camera captures or shoots the way it is. Don’t be glum and show your happiness in your radiance.

So live your fairytale wedding and smile and laugh or shed tears of joy when you watch your wedding video every time.

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