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Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

Your wedding day is finally here.  All the months you spent planning and organizing to create the perfect wedding and it all goes by in a flash.  After all the time and money you spent going over every single detail, don’t you want to remember everything?  Hiring a professional wedding videographer can help capture every moment so that you can cherish the events of your special day forever.  

Relive Your Wedding Day

The reality is that you just can’t be everywhere at once on your wedding day. So while you’re busy taking your formal pictures, you might miss the events during the cocktail hour or the reunion of old friends . You may be taking pictures with your grandparents while your cousin is doing back flips on the dance floor. Hiring a professional videographer allows you to relive your wedding day through different eyes. You’ll be able to see and hear the emotional reactions that you might have missed during the chaos of the day. With a professional wedding video, you can finally slow down and appreciate every single moment of your special day.

A Family Documentary

I had two clients who had a member of their family pass away within one year after their wedding day.  They couldn’t think me enough for being at their wedding and documenting everything that occured.  Because of their wedding video, they were able to relive the memories of their deceased relatives laughing, dancing, and having fun.

Professional Experience and Editing

You may think asking a friend or relative to videotape the wedding might help save money, but because your friend or relative is also a guest, they will want to have a good time and certain key moments throughout the ceremony and reception might be missed. A professional wedding videographer who has experience knows which moments to focus on as well as which angles and techniques may work best for certain settings. Your wedding videographer should also have the proper equipment and skills to heavily edit a wedding video and make sure the final product is of the best quality.  

Choose From Different Styles

Your wedding day is captured as a personal love story that weaves every moment of the day together. You can choose from having a photojournalistic wedding video, which documents the day as it unfolds, or have a wedding video that is similar to watching a movie – complete with dramatic effects and music.

Share with Friends and Family

Your wedding video does not have to be for only you and your spouse to enjoy. Ask us about special services that will allow you to share your day with friends and family, such as a live Web stream of your wedding day or online wedding highlights. We can also set up a photo montage and love story video to share with your guests at the reception, which shows photographs from childhood to adulthood and chronicles your unique love story.

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